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I never understood, why anybody need somebody else to give sources of long being proofed stuff? Everybody can express a query, search, find, read and research on his own…the problem here: it takes more than some mass media or controlled-opposite articles.. it takes effort to search for some truth in history. I like historian Noam Chomsky .. he has written over 100 books .. use books .. sources I mentioned before. So the allegation.. I did not gave sources is just not right. You still sound a little bit (no offense here) like Obama-framed and Trump-primed and I slightly doubt that you can recognize the complete state of the world… Further it’s very interesting that you know how I used cognitive dissonance and are right away able to put it within the right argumentation segment…but are not able to criticize your master … so for me these are only allegations (indoctrinated by the ruling class) without justification. The argumentation line, the wording and text design still looks & sounds either like a: a paid agent or b: a strongly let’s call it mind controlled person…no offense or bad criticism here. I like sources, I give everybody 3: 1 A book from the father of PR: Edward Bernays - Propaganda -> free pdf in the internet (and Bonus http://www.prwatch.org/books/tsigfy10.html) ; 2 A book from the military strategist of 6 presidents Zbigniew Brzezinsk: The grand chessboard -> free pdf in the internet Report: IPPNW Body Count First International Edition -> free pdf in the internet Maybe after reading you hopefully get my point why I assume that posting „an inspirational quote“ of a mass murder and thinking it’s a balanced view and further sees criticism as hyperbolic/hate is kind of …. let’s call it disturbing to me. So anyway… No Democracy, no Free Mind, no Peace… just Mind Control, Money, Power, War and Evil…big time. Simple as that. Well… I do not like it that way. I like harmony, humanity and peace and when I see evil I expose and change it. I do not care about the Obamas or Trumps or whatever, but I care what other good humans think about evil persons, especially when indoctrinated by a brainwashing media. It’s not about if we „would read criticism“, it’s about if we can free our mind, read and understand history and recognize the present… I recognized my controlled past and deprogrammed it with own research, books and deeper information than an article… but still: simple as that :-) So anyway, no problem for me. No hate… but history… maybe his story, or yours, or mine. Every second is the possibility to take action for a better tomorrow.

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