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Lots of thoughts. Thank you! I will try to pick up some topics and give you basic answers/thoughts/questions as an overview :) …… „For all information and opinions we get we have to judge whether or not to believe them to be true and factual…“ -> If you judge whether to believe in something to be true or not, does not make something true or false. Further such thinking does not apply for natural laws. „So that I can understand your position and better evaluate it for myself…“ -> It is not a position, it is facts; truth. Research what is right and wrong, what is true and false, use natural laws to find a deeper understanding of answers for good and evil. „It's easy but carries the dangers of in-group thinking, staying in echo chambers, ignoring the filter bubble and falling prey to confirmation bias.“ -> Is that why lots of the arguments and words you use are commonly used by so called „well educated“ people? Why is that - because it’s right, or because this it what we receive all day long? Our education/programming system is designed to give you the information you should have to „operate in the wanted way“ not the information you need to „operate in the right way“. Research f.e. education system critics. „We also have a hard time believing some random person on the internet who makes inflammatory comments in a foreign language“ -> Maybe this is the reason why you wrote so much on my „inflammatory comments“ ;) „Even Wikipedia would suffice…“ -> Research the dark side of Wikipedia and the pyramid structure it operates in. „Sometimes even a majority of people believe (like the supernatural, gods, homeopathy, astrology), that an easy "everyone knows this" may not be sufficient as "proof". -> I said long proven facts. If you can’t see this, maybe you have a lack of understanding here. „It's called "having a conversation". -> So you want me to debate on false thinking for years with you? Not my goal. Again, it was not angry… See for yourself how my words trigger you… like your Obama quote triggered me to make a statement which was to offensive I guess. „Are you sure that information which is hard to find is more reliable than the readily available?“ -> Sometime absolute, yes. Ever researched deeper into documents which where released during the freedom of information act? Kennedy Assassination, Operation Mockingbird or Paperclip…nice topics. How much are you into occultism? „Telling someone that truth is hard to find, but if you search long enough you'll eventually stumble upon… The Internet is also full of die-hard conspiracy theorists and outright lunatics“ -> You see, it takes a lot of effort. „Don't be ridiculous. You wrote "Objective accusations: ….“ -> I don’t see any progress here… why I am ridiculous while you refuse everything objective I provide? „So that I have an idea about where in the spectrum of political fanaticism to reasonable criticism we are in this discussion… What's still in question for me is which decisions were based in Obama's personal views, and which were driven by“ -> Is it political fanaticism when people starting to criticize or to defend the masters of the empire? Or is it when they want to know which decisions the ruler made on his own and which are ordered by the industry? „Laugh - you are aware how silly and condescending that sounds?“ -> If you have no idea how the controlling system operates in the internet - research it. „I was and still am pretty much neutral with respect to Obama…“ > See, here we have the so called slave-think. Liking oppressors and masters when put in the right light by the media is not called self-neutrality. Obama is dishonest, did you missed the last 8 years of NATO and UNO history? „An example would be Deepak Chopra, who says many things which sound deep and inspirational but are just esoteric babbling…“ -> New age is a hard topic, it has 2 sides for a reason. Esoteric by definition is not mentioned to open its secrets to any person at all. Its for inner circles. If you lack of understanding than research it. „Do I write (angry) comments on random people's blogs whenever I see a posting“ -> I don’t know, I don’t follow your comments on other blogs. Instead you try to defend false believe systems as long as possible and claim other thought as angry. Again, it was not mentioned angry. „As for Trump: His words, actions and behavior speak for themselves. No need to go into that here.“ -> So Trump is far more worst than Obama? You did not understand the core of politics and what it is designed for, sorry. Do you live in a democracy? „For the second part, be careful with your perceived superiority, it will backfire some day…“ -> It fires back all day long within the media, so no problem. I can’t give you further sources, it does not work this way. The sources are within my words. „Sounds like you are surprised that anyone knows anything, which should tell you something about yourself and your prejudices. I am serious, please think about that.“ -> I will, thanks for the hint. Again, if you have no idea how the control systems operates - research it and try to understand my thoughts. „Alright, now you're just impertinent. Without knowing anything about the person on whose personal blog you commented with unreasonable rudeness…“ -> And here we go the third time. Again: I am not fighting you nor am I rude, you perceive it as an attack because that is what we’ve learned from our media and environment. I know a lot about the common political believer, because it does not matter which oppressor he follows. It is the design of the constructs/systems that provide the boundaries within the mind, not the other way around. „You think everyone who questions your statements or opinions must automatically be inferior to you (see above) and be some master's slave or a puppet…“ -> Again, it is not what I think nor believe, it is what is. You said for yourself, that you can recognize the imbalance. So we live in a chaotic environment with lot’s of problems… and „everybody“ is aware of it… but does not really change anything? Why is that? This topic is to big to put in some words. And yes, most of the people do not know, or understand simple as that. Follow the law of nature, pyramid structures, media control system …, maybe someday you’ll understand. As long as you can’t recognize the pyramid system and recognize, that most of the humans are per definition slaves, I can’t help. „Don't you see how incredibly ridiculous, patronizing, self-absorbed and inflammatory that sounds?…“ -> I know that you are not my enemy, further I am not yours. You are just fighting another person because he criticized your Obama quote and your believe system in good politics. Lot’s of hilarious words to criticize me :D „Well, repeatedly saying it's not meant as offense or "bad" criticism is simply dishonest.“ -> And number 4… again, you perceive it that way and describe me/my words as dishonest, incredibly ridiculous, patronizing, self-absorbed and inflammatory, laugh at me … and I am still not angry on you, what does that tell you about me and yourself? … Furthermore, spoken truth during these times will always piss you off, but do not be pissed of by the person who said it. Please. „And - laugh - what on earth is wrong with the argumentation, the wording or the text "design“?“ -> My fault - sorry, but again, if you have no idea how the controlling system operates and what rules internet trolls follow, research it and understand my thoughts. Did you know that the CIA holds around 27.000 people to support Pentagons opinion? Further I recommend starting research in the topics of the Dallas Brothers in the ´60s. „I like sources, I give everybody 3. No you don't. No, you haven't, so far. Remember your very first sentence? Thank you, now was that so difficult? I'll look into it and see what it's worth.“ -> It is still not my job to provide you with everything you could search for your own, but you are welcome. "Mass murderer" is your easy, simplified view of the world. Easy answers for complex questions. Too simple a world view for an intricately interwoven and interdependent world…“ -> How do you call Hitler? How do you call a person who gave the starting point to murder thousands of people? If you can’t describe it easy and go to the roots of problems you simply lack of intelligence even when you have a big intellect. Simple as that. Follow the laws of nature to find understandable answers on so called „complex problems“. The world we live in and how we are programmed is no rocket science, it is history. „And I agree overall, sounds like humanism.“ -> It does not sound like, it is humanism. But I think at the moment it is not what you think it is ;) „Humans are currently on an unsustainable growth..“ -> Unsustainable = right, Unsustainable growth = Wrong. Overpopulation is a nice myth but still a lie and mathematically nonsense if you put life expectancy and birth rates logical together… as these days only some people tend to do. You can find reliable sources and information if you want to. „…and "business as usual" path which has a depressingly considerable probability of disrupting physical and natural systems on Earth“ -> right. „Fermi Paradox & "Great Filter" which prevents technological civilizations to either arise or persist in the universe.“ -> For now I do not believe in Aliens nor a filter that prevents us from something. It’s really easy to put a great filter in front of daily based decisions we make as humans - this is called slave mentality. Again, its not what I believe or think, it is the objective truth per definition. People create false believe systems. Animals know how to align on naturals laws and life in harmony with its own environment. Humans could it too but man made laws and false believe systems prevent us from it. Look f.e. into Mark Passio and Law of nature. „With our current priorities I don't see how we can avoid large scale collapse of at least some political, financial and ecological systems.“ -> As we have seen within our conversation: If somebody would start pointing on issues and talk about what is necessary for a change, people tend to extremely refuse everything. Some years ago I started with the questions: Why is this world how it is. What confused mankind so much? After years of research and studying history, rethink my false believes and connecting information I can give some basic answers with pointing on the roots of these issues or the roots of evil. The problem: people don’t want to hear that. Are you in the topics of satanic sins and rules? I highly recommend. „Currently I'm afraid the Great Filter, or one of many bigger filters, may yet be in our not too distant future. The silence should tell us something.“ -> Sometimes me too. One of these „Great Filters“ for example is called Politics and obedience. „There, that's a small facet of one of my many narrow views of the world. I'm really more interested in discussing ideas and concepts than persons or opinions….“ -> How will we find a solution if we are not able to point on the real problems and on the false believe system indoctrinated since way more than 2 or 3 thousand years? There are some basic ideas who leads to real freedom, but they are mostly not visible for us now. „Let's see whether there's a last drop of life left in the deteriorating Soup …“ -> Thank for all the thoughts, maybe we both gain experience from it and can start someday to talk about solutions. Enjoy the day.
I never understood, why anybody need somebody else to give sources of long being proofed stuff? Everybody can express a query, search, find, read and research on his own…the problem here: it takes more than some mass media or controlled-opposite articles.. it takes effort to search for some truth in history. I like historian Noam Chomsky .. he has written over 100 books .. use books .. sources I mentioned before. So the allegation.. I did not gave sources is just not right. You still sound a little bit (no offense here) like Obama-framed and Trump-primed and I slightly doubt that you can recognize the complete state of the world… Further it’s very interesting that you know how I used cognitive dissonance and are right away able to put it within the right argumentation segment…but are not able to criticize your master … so for me these are only allegations (indoctrinated by the ruling class) without justification. The argumentation line, the wording and text design still looks & sounds either like a: a paid agent or b: a strongly let’s call it mind controlled person…no offense or bad criticism here. I like sources, I give everybody 3: 1 A book from the father of PR: Edward Bernays - Propaganda -> free pdf in the internet (and Bonus http://www.prwatch.org/books/tsigfy10.html) ; 2 A book from the military strategist of 6 presidents Zbigniew Brzezinsk: The grand chessboard -> free pdf in the internet Report: IPPNW Body Count First International Edition -> free pdf in the internet Maybe after reading you hopefully get my point why I assume that posting „an inspirational quote“ of a mass murder and thinking it’s a balanced view and further sees criticism as hyperbolic/hate is kind of …. let’s call it disturbing to me. So anyway… No Democracy, no Free Mind, no Peace… just Mind Control, Money, Power, War and Evil…big time. Simple as that. Well… I do not like it that way. I like harmony, humanity and peace and when I see evil I expose and change it. I do not care about the Obamas or Trumps or whatever, but I care what other good humans think about evil persons, especially when indoctrinated by a brainwashing media. It’s not about if we „would read criticism“, it’s about if we can free our mind, read and understand history and recognize the present… I recognized my controlled past and deprogrammed it with own research, books and deeper information than an article… but still: simple as that :-) So anyway, no problem for me. No hate… but history… maybe his story, or yours, or mine. Every second is the possibility to take action for a better tomorrow.
Teraz żyje z dnia na dzień, nie robiąc niczego nadzwyczajnego - czyta książki, rozmyśla, chodzi na spacery, ogląda filmy, śledzi, co się dzieje na świecie. Innymi słowy, odpoczywa, ale jest to dziwny rodzaj odpoczynku, nerwowy spokój.
— Paul Auster - Sunset Park
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Wygląda trochę jak Wielkie Piękno, ale ni wim.
1. Objective accusations: Books, Studies and reports 2. Unfair & doubling the debt: What is unfair in a world, full of permanent & provable political lies? Put 6.200 Billions non existing money in military within 8 years .. seems not so fair for the rest of the world or his own poor country (from 25 up to 45million SNAP Users within his 8 years) 3. Obamas personal views: doesn’t matter, because the agenda is clear on destruction here - as Frank Zappa said: „Politics is the entertainment medium of the defense industry.“ 4: Obsession, venting of frustration: nope, just facts Interesting there seems to be such an obsession with trying to defend war against the world and all people instead of recognizing pure evil. Could be cognitive dissonance .. or a troll ^^
Obama, zdobywca pokojowej nagrody nobla.. Człowiek, który statystycznie co 20 minut przez osiem lat spuszczał bomby.. Prezydent, który podczas jednej kadencji podwoił dług 43 poprzedników.. Świetny dyplomata, który wielokrotnie złamał prawa człowieka oraz kodeks UNO. Zbrodniarz wojenny, kochanek, marionetka przemysłu militarnego. Zawdzięczamy mu ogromny sukces dron, zniszczenie Libii, Syrii, Jemenu, a także chos na Ukrainie i wiele, wiele innych..
Największym problemem komunikacji jest to, że nie słuchamy, by zrozumieć. Słuchamy, by odpowiedzieć.
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Niektóre szczepionki powodują autyzm. Polecam dokument "Vaxxed" ("Wyszczepieni").
zrozumieć człowieka,
który skacze z szesnastego piętra
i w locie krzyczy:
- Nie ma śmierci!

zrozumieć drzewo,
które w samym środku lata

zrozumieć mordercę,
który klęczy nad swoją ofiarą
i płacze.

zrozumieć Einsteina,
który na łożu śmierci mówi:
- Umieram
i nie wiem, co to wiatr.

zrozumieć mężczyznę,
który stoi na czubku Everestu
i mówi:
- Nie wiem,
jak stąd zejść.

zrozumieć kroplę rosy,
która mówi:
- Boję się deszczu.

zrozumieć króla,
który w chwili koronacji mówi:
- Tak oto
traci się wolność.

zrozumieć chłopaka,
który podciął sobie żyły
w stacji honorowego krwiodawstwa.

zrozumieć przyjaciela,
który umarł dwa lata temu
i do tej pory jeszcze nie wrócił.

zrozumieć faceta,
który patrzy w lustro i mówi:
- To nie jestem ja.
— Borszewicz
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Oboje są przekonani,
że połączyło ich uczucie nagłe.
Piękna jest taka pewność,
ale niepewność piękniejsza.

Sądzą, że skoro nie znali się wcześniej,
nic między nimi nigdy się nie działo.
A co na to ulice, schody, korytarze,
na których mogli sie od dawna mijać?

Chciałabym ich zapytać,
czy nie pamiętają-
może w dzwiach obrotowych
kiedyś twarzą w twarz?
jakieś "przepraszam" w ścisku?
głos "pomyłka" w słuchawce?
- ale znam ich odpowiedź.
Nie, nie pamiętają.

Bardzo by ich zdziwiło,
że od dłuższego już czasu
bawił sie nimi przypadek.

Jeszcze nie całkiem gotów
zamienić się dla nich w los,
zbiżał ich i oddalał,
zabiegał im drogę
i tłumiąc chichot
odskakiwał w bok.

Były znaki, sygnały,
cóż z tego, że nieczytelne.
Może trzy lata temu
albo w zeszły wtorek
pewien listek przefrunął
z ramienia na ramię?
Było coś zgubionego i podniesionego.
Kto wie, czy już nie piłka 
w zaroślach dzieciństwa?

Były klamki i dzwonki,
na których zawczasu
dotyk kładł się na dotyk.
Walizki obok siebie w przechowalni.
Był może pewnej nocy jednakowy sen,
natychmiast po zbudzeniu zamazany.

Każdy przecież początek
to tylko ciąg dalszy,
a księga zdarzeń
zawsze otwarta w połowie.

— ulubiona Szymborska, "Miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia"
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Tzw. Strumień Świadomości
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Kiedy znalazłem się na dnie, usłyszałem pukanie od spodu
— Stanisław Jerzy Lec
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Jesteś człowiekiem szczęśliwym, który bywa smutny czy smutnym, który bywa szczęśliwy?
— S.Silverstein
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Was hast Du eigentlich gegen Trump? Wie macht er Amerika schlechter? Ich bin sehr gespannt.
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